CTO Due Diligence
  Systems Engineering

DataFlows' Technology Due Diligence - Consulting Service

The objective of a Technology Due Diligence is to answer the question does a particular information technology and/or technology company fit your business needs.

When do you need to do a Technology Due Diligence?

Answer: When your company is considering:

        Acquiring an information technology company or business unit

        Engaging in a co-venture (or joint venture) to develop a new technology solution
         service or product/process

        Evaluating your own technology core competencies, product/service line
         because you -
            -     are investigating the possibility of a sale of one of your business units
            -     want a candid independent evaluation for competitive reasons.
                        ( To bettter understand any potential risk your competitors might present)

        Investing in a major multi-year IT architecture effort and you need an
         assesment of the viability of your planned approach

        Responding to an external mandate from either regulatory bodies
         (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley) or a prominent business partner
         (e.g. Wal-Mart RFID requirements)