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        RFID Due Diligence:

RFID is in the early stages of commercial implementations. It is especially suited to businesses whose foundation and revenues are largely dependent on supply chain and materiel management. Avoid costly missteps in the application of RFID technology by learning valuable information regarding its technology path to date and insights into its future potential/divergent paths.


In addition to our live half day seminars we also offer an abridged online version. This online version in broken up into three parts each of which is approximately 20 minutes long. There is a fee for each individual section. Part 1 is $25, Part 2 is $30, and Part 3 is also $30. We recommend you watch the series in sequence.

Part 1 Seminar Outline:

         •  What is technology due diligence?
         •  What is RFID?

     RFID Technology Components
         •  Tags and readers
         •  EPC data structure
         •  RFID Communications Protocol

       How RIFD Works - Today and the "Vision"
         •  In today's supply chain
         •  RFID's champions' vision of RFID's supply chain future
         •  RFID future reader modes
click here to watch RFID Part 1- this make take 5 to 10 minutues to load

Part 2 Seminar Outline:

       RFID Data Management Process
           •  Examing how RFID data moves through the system
           •  Today's virtual private networks
           •  RFID software
           •  RFID's vision of future data management

       Today's Business Issues
           •  Data Synchronization
           •  Privacy and Security
           •  EPC tag classes "Today" and on the horizon
click here to watch RFID Part 2 - this make take 5 to 10 minutues to load

Part 3 Seminar Outline:

       Applying Technology Due Diligence to RFID
         •  Typical Technology Stages - how a technology evolves
         •  Tracking RFID's progress through the stages
         •  How to determine when RFID is hitting the next stage

click here to watch RFID Part 3- this make take 5 to 10 minutues to load

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