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These seminars are now being offered as private seminars at your corporate location.

        RFID Due Diligence:

RFID is in the early stages of commercial implementations. It is especially suited to businesses whose foundation and revenues are largely dependent on supply chain and materiel management. Avoid costly missteps in the application of RFID technology by learning valuable information regarding its technology path to date and insights into its future potential/divergent paths.
Seminar Outline:
         •  RFID Technology (tags and readers)
         •  RFID - "The Vision"
         •  RFID - "Today"
         •  RFID's Technology Landscape

To see the powerpoint slides click here

Seminar Fee: $250.00.

Also we have now added an abridged (1 hour movie) version of the RFID seminar online RFID Online Seminar Series

        A CTO's Perspective on Technology Due Diligence:

One of a CTO's most valued roles is to envision how technology can create a corporate competitive advantage. CTOs/CIOs face daunting challenges keeping abreast of the latest technology trends and developments. This seminar imparts key concepts critical to a CTO's/CIO's perspective on sensor technologies in a quick grasp format that respects an executive's demanding schedule.
Seminar Outline:
       •  Developing Technology Vision
       •  Technology Trends and Pitfalls
       •  Sensor Technologies on the Horizon
          (e.g. Biometrics, NEMS & MEMS, GPS and RFID)
       •  Expectations of a Technology-Neutral Due Diligence
       •  Tips for Becoming Technology Agile

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