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DataFlows Consulting Services

Our consulting services focus on improving a client's business operations by optimizing information creation/processing, management, movement, storage and retrieval. To accomplish this we offer the following range of services.

Technology Due Diligence

The objective of a Technology Due Diligence is to answer the question does a particular technology and/or technology company fit your business needs. A Technology Due Diligence encompasses investigating relevant technology trends(those that may impact a particular technology solution/approach), core competencies, track record for meeting deliverables, a technology company's staying power (stability - low turn over rate of SMEs etc), technolgy vendor's process and resources(technical not financial), industry recognition and so on.

Business Analysis

The objective of a Business Analysis project is to investigate/uncover the underlying business rules. Based on those Business Rules define the functional and system requirements for an IT solution. Discerning the underlying business rules requires mapping of existing workflows and processing steps, manual or automated and determining the "whys - the business drivers" behind them.

Systems Architecture Design

The objective of Systems Architecture Design is to create a logical IT infrastructure model based on defined functional and system requirements.

Database Systems Design

Database System Design lays out the logical business data structure, its elements and their relationships. The resulting technical requirements are specified in detail to guide the subsequent database software development project.