Supply Chain Acronyms
AIDC Automated Id Data Capture
ASN Advanced Ship Notice (e.g. 856 ASN) defines the EDI format used to send an electronic message regarding what products, quantity of products,etc. will be sent by a manufacturer or a distribution center to the retail client and linked to a specific invoice.
Bar Codes Bar Codes are a physical representation of numbers by using a smybology based on a series of lines of varying width and height
CRM Customer Relationship Management
DC Distribution Center is a location where multiple products from multiple maufacturers are aggregated to be warehoused, inventoried and utimately shipped to retail sites(stores)
EDI Electronic data Interchange (EDI transaction current set #850 new EDI 856)
EPC Electronic Product Code
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning refers to software packages that support key inventory management functions for a retailer, these functions include purchase order processing,invoicing and tracking instockitems, shipment schedules. There is considereable overlap in funtions supported by and ERP system and a WMS so that frequently the terms can be used interchangeably.
PO Purchase Order
RFID Radio Frequency ID
SKU Stock Keeping Unit (internal number)
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SSCC Serial Shipping Container Code
UPC Universal Product Code (external number)
WMS Warehouse Management System

Organizational Acronyms
AIM Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility
AutoID MIT Research Organization on RFID
EAN European (controls UPCs in Europe)
EPCglobal UCC and EAN joint management of EPC
IBCA Integrated Business Communications Alliance -The Integrated Business Communications Alliance (IBCA) is an organization of associations who are interested in bringing the benefits of bar code, electronic commerce and other related technologies to their members. IBCA has involved 30 different associations since it was founded in 1985. Many of IBCA's former and current members are also members of National Association of Wholesaler/distributors (NAW).
ISO International Standards Organization
UCC Uniform code council (controls UPCs in North America)