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Database System Design - Consulting Service

Database System Design lays out the logical business data structure, its elements and their relationships. The logical business data structure defines process boundaries, ownership, interfaces and rules. The resulting technical requirements are specified in detail to guide the subsequent database software development project.

When do you need a Database System Design project?

Answer: When your company has decided to undertake an IT initiative to:

        replace a business unit's existing database system which is nearing an exhaustion point due to either increased business volume or an aging application platform.

        expanding, or consolidating existing databases to handle new business functional requirements due to a new business opportunity or business structure change (e.g. merger, corporate restructuring, etc.)

        improve an existing systems performance by
            -     optimizing an existing systems performance (e.g. faster processing time)
            -     adding user features to improve personel's effeciencies (e.g. better query
                  and reporting features)
            -     expanding the scope of the system by automating current manual steps

        improve business intelligence/analytics perhaps via a data warehouse project (you know you have the data but you can't use it the way you'd like)

        gain a competitive advantage - offer your clients additional services that your competition can't provide