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DataFlows' Business Analysis - Consulting Service

The objective of a Business Analysis Project is to investigate/uncover the underlying business rules. Based on those Business Rules define the functional and system requirements for an IT solution. We recommend a Technology Due Diligence or Feasibility Analysis before beginning a Business Analysis IT project.

When do you need to undertake a Business Analysis project?

Answer: When your company has decided to undertake an IT initiative to:

        replace a business unit's existing IT system which is nearing an exhaustion point due to either increased business volume or an aging application platform.

        handle new business functional requirements due to a new business opportunity or business structure change (e.g. merger, corporate restructuring, etc.)

        improve an existing systems performance by
            -     optimizing an existing systems performance (e.g. faster processing time)
            -     adding user features to improve personel's effeciencies (e.g. better query
                  and reporting features)
            -     expanding the scope of the system by automating current manual steps

        improve business intelligence/analytics (you know you have the data but you can't use it the way you'd like)

        gain a competitive advantage - offer your clients additional services that your competition can't provide