About Us DataFlows Dimensions, Inc

Premise. The value of due diligence in the use of technology is measured by the magnitude of problems it prevents.

Purpose. DataFlows Dimensions was founded in 1991 for the purpose of helping CTOs and venture company investors assess the practicality of using particular technologies for targeted business applications.

Experience. DataFlows Dimensions is headed by Marcella C. Egges (pronounced EE-guess), whose ability to bring scientific rigor to the business table has been honed at the bleeding-edge introduction of several generations of technology. Marcy Egges's experience while working as a systems engineer at the cusp of integrated voice and data networks in the early 1980s, data and video over satellite, VSATs, and router networks in the mid-1980s, and broadband packet switching, SONET, and ATM networks in the 1990s, culminated in the creation of DataFlows Dimensions.

Clarity. What she found in working with companies as new technologies appeared on the horizon was that "everybody wanted the latest, sexiest, hottest technology." She found that the most challenging part of her involvement with a company was helping clients objectively assess whether a chosen technology could accomplish the goals expected of it. The process of due diligence practiced by DataFlows Dimensions helps bring clarity to the wisdom of using a particular technology.

Seminars. The educational and training needs surrounding the introduction and use of new technologies, especially sensor network technologies, are extensive. Egges has designed, developed and conducted seminars for technology training firms as well as for private concerns. She has published articles and perspective columns in print and electronic journals.

Champion of CTOs and Investors. "It's the CTO's job to imagine how a new technology might be applied to a business," says Egges, "just as it's the goal of investors to fund a first-to-market innovation that will outsell the competition." DataFlows Dimensions is forthright and expedient in its scientific assessment of technology and its intended design. It assumes a technology-neutral position from which to evaluate applications and networks. Just as it is the CTO's and investor's role to have a vision, it is the scientist's and engineer's role to bring that vision into focus. That focus is the role of DataFlows Dimension.

Confidentiality. DataFlows Dimensions recognizes that most new technology applications are intended to give the client a competitive edge, in terms of timing as well as innovation. Non-disclosure is an assumed and documented attribute of every due diligence project.

Qualifications. Marcy C. Egges, principal and founder of DataFlows Dimensions, has 20 years of professional experience directing systems engineering projects involving leading edge technologies. She began her career as a technical member of Bell Labs staff, and has worked with clients ranging from high-tech (e.g. NASA) to low-tech. These clients range from the listing of Fortune 100 companies, federal and state governments, to highly confidential gaming industry client investors.

DataFlows Dimensions employs virtual staffing in order to select the appropriate specialists required for each project. Among the cadre of professionals with whom DataFlows Dimension collaborates are scientists, engineers, and research scholars in the fields of database design, IT system software design and development, sensor data networking, mechanical engineering, and communications protocol design.